The perfect machine to introduce robotics to children

This robot has everything any serious robot does -- arms, servos, gears, vision, artificial intelligence and a task to complete. If you want to introduce robotics to your kids or your students, this is the perfect machine for it.

Print the Parts

Prepare to spend upwards to 70 hours of print time and an entire spool of fillament to print this 14" giant.

Order Hardware

You will need 8 servo motors, a servo controller, webcam, bolts and nuts, and optionally a Raspberry PI 3.

Install Software

The app for the robot is designed to work on both Raspberry PI running Windows IoT and a regular Windows 10 PC.

Fully 3D-Printed

Other than the servos, servo horns, electronics and a few dozen bolts and nuts, this robot does not have a single traditionally manufactured part. If you have a 3D printer, less than $200 to spare, and some patience, this smart and beautiful machine can be adorning your own desk for everyone's enjoyment.

Customer Testimonials

Hundreds of people around the world have built our Rubik's cube solving robot and they are all very happy! Here are some of the quotes we have received from our customers:

Utterly marvellous! Worked first time. Best project I've built.

- Matthew F.

A huge high-five (make that ten!) to O.T. Vinta for posting one of the most interesting and creative projects I've seen thus far on Thingiverse.

- Chris C.

OTVINTA's Rubiks cube solver is a great educational project. His directions and parts needed to complete the kit are flawless. The model operates perfectly.

- Chris R.

Love, love, love - worked straight away!! Blown away!!

- Scott Q.

Fun project that fascinates people! Also very well documented and thought out.

- John H.

What a great design and a fun build. I've gotten excellent support form otvinta3d.

- Bryan C.

Beautiful project ! Works very well ! Thanks to OTVINTA !

- Eric C.

Great project my dad and I have a fun time making it. otvinta3d gave great support when making it. Thanks for making this available!

- Paul S.

100% assembled by my 9 years old son.

- Mathieu

This project, its models, its supporting software and even the level of support by the maker himself has been great. This is a unique and complicated "thing" but overall a worthwhile endeavor.

- Chuck R.